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Tips for Spring Lawn Care Treatment  

Spring Lawn Care Tip #1: Raking
Raking will be your first task of spring lawn care. As you survey your lawn in spring, see if there are any matted patches, in which the grass blades are all stuck together. This can be caused by a disease known as "snow mold." New grass may have difficulty penetrating these matted patches. But a light raking will be sufficient to solve this problem.
Spring Lawn Care Tip #2: Check for Compaction
If your lawn is subjected to high levels of traffic year after year, it may… Read more

Laval Lawn Watering Restriction hours 2020  

With Laval water hour restrictions in effect for Laval homeowners, it is important to adapt your lawn care practices in order to maintain a healthy green lawn throughout the summer. This stress on lawns can be greatly reduced with careful planning to adapt the sod to grow and thrive with less water than we were accustomed to applying in the past.   

The 3 key factors:

  1. Reducing the Frequency of Watering  
  2. Adjust Mowing Height  
  3. Proper Fertilization  

Reducing the frequency of watering
A deep…

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