Backyard Patio Parties

Although the initial planning of an outdoor dinner party may be stressful, you are sure to see all of your worries wash away once guests get a glimpse of your incredible table setting. After all, once the guest list and the menu are all taken care of, the next order of business is of course a stunning table. However, what are you to do if the patio table that you happen to have on your backyard patio deck is just not quite perfect? 

You are going to need a large table to comfortably accommodate at least six to eight people. A ten foot patio table is a nearly perfect addition for any sort of dinner party that you are hoping to host outdoors. With plenty of length and ample space for all of your guests will have just the right amount of “elbow-room”. Choosing a sturdy table that will endure the elements is also important. With that being said your best bet is one made of teak which has inherent properties to resist rot, and water. Another option is responsibly harvested wood. The craftsmanship of a wood table is sure to last you for years and years worth of memorable meals with all of your friends and family. 

Once you have decided on the right patio table with the perfect blend of elegance and rugged beauty, you need to ensure you have enough seating for your guests. Armless chairs work great because they easily fit around a table and offer unsurpassed comfort. Choose ones in the same wood as your table and top them with brightly hued cushions for a “pop” of color. 

Now that you have the basics you can have some fun with decorating the table. Make it tropical with some tropical flowers in vases at either end. Conversely, you can go with a casually elegant French look with settings of crockery on top of unironed white linen. Try a simple look with sprigs if ivy for centerpieces and crisp white plates. The possibilities are truly endless. 

Planning an outdoor dinner party does not need to be an overwhelming task. Simply plan it in steps and you will be surprised at how easy it is. After all, what is better than sharing those warm summer evenings with family, friends and the clear blue skies?

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